The Latest Updates for Logikcull

As the leaves begin to change and the seasons transition, one thing remains constant: Logikcull is here to continue delivering new features, enhancements, and bug fixes to our valued customers! We're thrilled to share with you the latest updates that will make your experience smoother, more efficient, and yes, even a little more fun.

Microsoft Preserve in Place

Microsoft customers rejoice! We've introduced the ability to activate “preserve in place” for a custodian in MSFT. Exchange mailboxes, OneDrive, and most Teams content (1:1 chats, 1:N chat, and private channels) can be preserved.

Customers can now:

Easily preserve any relevant MS 365 data as they are issuing a legal hold.

Improve defensibility by ensuring no piece of important evidence is lost.

Updated Logikcull Search Results Table View

We’ve rolled out a new table view for search results. This brings a number of great enhancements:

  • Improved look & feel
  • Frozen header row and fixed height so that vertical scrolling is minimized
  • Fixed height means horizontal scrollbar is always in reach
  • Drag & drop re-ordering of columns
  • Row density options (Cozy, Standard, Compact)
  • Easy column resizing
  • Pinnable columns (to left or right side of table)
  • Easier column sorting
  • Respect for the Density user preference
  • Adds shift + select for multi checkbox selection
  • Adds the ability to select multiple rows between pages
  • Adds the ability to click on a row to open the file

If you haven’t used the Table View, give it a try!

Bandwidth Beacon

Why is this upload taking a long time? How come it’s taking a long time for docs to load? Is this an issue on my side or an issue with Logikcull? Bandwidth Beacon will display a message notifying you when your connection is slow or unstable.

Slack Upload Cards

We’ve heard feedback from you, our customers, that Slack upload cards do not have enough information on them so you’ve been manually using notes to differentiate them. To alleviate this, we’ve added conversation types (DM, public/private channel, multi-party message, etc) and participant names to the Slack upload cards to make it easier to tell them apart at a glance.