Legal Files Provides Human Rights Office with Top Case and Matter Mgmt Solution

To optimize its legal case and matter management, the Office of Human Rights for the City of Alexandria, Va., has tapped Legal Files Software, Inc. to license its innovative legal case and matter management software, the software company announced today.

This strategic partnership will help the Office in its mission to combat discrimination, increase equal opportunity and protect human rights for persons who live, work or visit the city.

According to Director Jean Kelleher, the Human Rights Office uses Legal Files to investigate discrimination claims more efficiently, including monitoring employment cases falling under both federal and local jurisdiction regarding anti-discrimination laws. Additionally, the software aids in documenting community concerns shared with the Office, enabling the tracking of identified issues and facilitating their resolution.

“All of our files start out the same way, but then can split off on different paths. We needed to be able to easily follow the direction of each file and document every moving piece as we acquire it. Using Legal Files has allowed us to track all of our files through every stage of the process more efficiently and accurately,” Kelleher said.

Legal Files Software, Inc. also provided training during implementation to equip staff members with the tools they need to fully leverage Legal Files’ capabilities, including customized menus and fields, to-do’s and alerts with automatic notifications, phone logs and file notes, as well as extensive email and document management.