iDiscovery Solutions announces the launch of LeanReview™

iDiscovery Solutions announces the launch of LeanReview™. The new service combines leading technology and legal expertise to significantly reduce review cost and time of large datasets.

“LeanReview™ is a real force multiplier,” said Dan Regard, President and CEO of iDS. “By leveraging all the tools in the Technology Assisted Review (TAR) toolbox, even extremely large document sets can be effectively addressed by litigation SWAT teams instead of legal armies.”

With billions of data points produced daily, eDiscovery and investigations have grown more complex and costly. However, 75% of data is irrelevant, meaning significant resources are wasted on useless material. LeanReview™ identifies patterns to quickly uncover latent facts in the data and develop narratives.

“The days of throwing bodies at document review projects are over,” said Rick Ordemann, a Managing Consultant at iDS who developed LeanReview™. “With LeanReview™, the focus shifts from the disposition of documents to understanding the narrative hidden within the corpus of the data.”

Blending human expertise with TAR tools such as continuous active learning, concept clustering, and social network analysis, LeanReview™ delivers speed, efficiency, and scalability.

Said Mr. Ordemann, “LeanReview™ was developed with a focus on adaptability. We didn’t want to create a service that required a checklist of qualifiers before it could be deployed. Even the most bespoke case and dataset can benefit from LeanReview™ thanks to a seamless integration of multiple technologies and workflows, all within a common framework.”

Already a forerunner in using data to improve legal outcomes, LeanReview™ underscores iDS’ commitment to innovation and furthering the field of eDiscovery.

“It levels the playing field of document review for both productions and investigations,” said Mr. Regard. “For clients that need to do more with less, LeanReview™ is the answer.”