FisherBroyles welcomes marine JAG, business strategist and litigator, Justin Nahama, in Los Angeles

FisherBroyles, LLP announces Justin S. Nahama has joined the Firm in Los Angeles.

Joel M. Ferdinand, the Firm's General Counsel and Managing Partner of Litigation, said:

“The Firm is delighted Justin is joining our ranks. Justin brings great expertise through his accomplishments as a Marine JAG, entrepreneur, litigator, and strategist. As importantly, Justin’s community service to support veterans, families impacted by autism, and various diversity initiatives speaks volumes about his character and commitment to service. His critical thinking and creativity are world class and will provide a tremendous benefit to our clients.”

Justin S. Nahama said:

"I'm incredibly grateful to join FisherBroyles' ranks. The Firm impressively anticipated that a highly trained, nimble team -- similar to the SEALs and special operators I've been lucky enough to support -- is the platform of the future. The world-class expertise and entrepreneurial drive of my partners around the world presents an amazing opportunity to continue creating impact for all."

Justin is a leader, business strategist and attorney. He forged his practice as a federal prosecutor and Marine JAG after joining the military shortly after 9/11. His repeated wins in complex trials, creative solutions to high-profile problems, and consistent praise from jurors, judges and senior commanders earned him the role of Chief Prosecutor and the reputation—according to one of his awards—"as one of the premier litigators in the Marine Corps.”

Justin’s success and commitment to service continued when he transitioned to one of the largest law firms in the country. Justin rose through the ranks to make Partner given his ability to build and lead teams that consistently delivered winning strategies.

Although a litigator and ‘fixer’ by trade, Justin’s advice, creativity and leadership is sought by businesses, entrepreneurs, venture-capital teams and non-profits around the world in the areas of corporate strategy, protecting disruptive technologies, intellectual property, board governance, licensing and contracting. Justin has become a sought-after subject-matter expert on how data, the First Amendment and the peer-review process can be manipulated to harm a disruptive brand or technology.