Boston Bar Seminar To DiscussEmployment Mediation Ethics

The Boston Bar Association (BBA) this month a seminar titled Mediating Employment Cases: Winning Strategies and Ethical Considerations.

The program will take place on Wednesday, November 17 from 4 to 7 p.m. at the BBA Conference Center, 16 Beacon Street, Boston.

Participants will hear from veteran mediators about what works and what doesn't work in mediations; how to deal with logjams; how to prepare a client for mediation, and how to explore a client's interests as well as the other side's.

Attendees also will learn how to identify ethical issues that arise, what rules of conduct are applicable, and how to handle new dilemmas that traditional canons of ethics may not fully address in the mediation setting.

Co-chairs for the seminar are David A. Hoffman, Boston Law Collaborative, LLC, and Bette J. Roth, mediator/arbitrator. Other speakers are Robert M. Shea, Morse, Barnes-Brown & Pendelton, P.C., and Paul Holtzman, Krokidas & Bluestein LLP.

For information on registration fees, see the Bulletin Board now located on our website at www.metrocorpcounsel .com.

To register for the program, call (617) 742-0615 or visit