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Predictive Coding Isn’t The Only Tool In Your TAR Tool Kit

Editor: Please tell us about your professional background. Shellhaas: I’ve been in the litigation support space for twenty years now. It started as a college job, and the industry boomed right as I was graduating. I was offered a management position in a growing company in the Washington...

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Making The Case For Foreign Language Review

Editor: Based on our topic today, can you share a little of your background and how it applies to foreign language review? Kang: I am the Director of Recruiting at Black Letter Discovery’s San Francisco office. When Black Letter was founded in 2003, it was one of the first managed review...

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When It Comes To Managed Services, Trust Makes All The Difference

Editor: Thanks for taking the time to discuss managed services in electronic discovery. Would each of you share a little about your background and experience and how they tie together managed services and eDiscovery? Avers: Thank you for the opportunity to share today. I’m the Chief...

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