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Life Sciences: Protecting the Crown Jewels - Important Strategies for Licensors of Intellectual Property

An innovator or owner of patent rights or other technology in the life sciences arena is often unable, because of lack of financial or other resources, to develop or commercialize a pharmaceutical product covered by such intellectual property rights. In these cases, the innovator/owner (the...

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Biotechnology | Life Sciences

Funding Biotech Innovation: The Ins And Outs Of Collaboration Arrangements And Licensing Agreements

Editor: Please describe your background and practice. Waldron: I am a transactional lawyer and a member of my firm’s Life Sciences Practice Group. My practice focuses on the representation of both emerging and well-established companies in business transactions, with a particular emphasis...

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Healthcare | Life Sciences

Buyer Beware: Important “Supply” Issues For Life Science Companies

Very often, a biotech or other life sciences company will need to purchase materials or products from a third party vendor. This arrangement could be in connection with the company’s clinical testing/R&D or in connection with the company’s commercial supply of its product. In any...

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Five Traps For The Unwary Licensee

Licensors and licensees enter into agreements with each other all the time with respect to the commercialization of products covered by patent rights or other technology. These agreements can take many forms, including “pure” license grants, R&D collaborations and joint venture...

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Six Important Strategies To Reduce The Royalty Burden For A Pharmaceutical Product

A biotech or pharmaceutical company will often need to in-license certain inventions in order to develop and commercialize its products. The company will most likely be required to pay to its licensor a royalty based on sales of its products (licensed products) that exploit the licensed...

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