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Employer Alert: 2009 Legislation - What You Need to Know

2009 brings new and significant legislation that will require employers to update handbooks, revamp training protocols, and review procedures for responding to requests for accommodations. In addition, in 2009, employers should monitor pending legislation that could have a significant impact on...

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New Jersey's Paid Family Leave Bill And Recent LAD Amendment - What's The 411?

The year 2008 has already been a busy year for employment law developments in New Jersey. On January 13, 2008 Governor Corzine signed a bill, effective immediately, that expanded protection for the religious practices of employees under New Jersey's Law Against Discrimination (the "LAD").1 Then, on...

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Sills Cummis Epstein & Gross P.C. Life Sciences and Health Care Series - Part III Family Responsibilities Discrimination: What You Need To Know

Employers, including many in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, are increasingly facing lawsuits brought by employees claiming workplace discrimination due to their family caregiving responsibilities. This type of discrimination claim was first brought in the 1970s and is generally...

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Maw Trouble Ahead For Restrictive Covenants?

The New Jersey Supreme Court is currently reviewing a ruling that an employer may be liable for a retaliation claim if it fires an "at will" employee for refusing to enter into a restrictive covenant agreement. The ruling, in Maw v. Advanced Clinical Communications, Inc., places employers'...

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