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Courts Lower the Bar for Data Breach Litigation: Important lessons emerge from Target and other key 2015 court rulings

In the wake of this year’s data breach rulings, it is now more imperative than ever that organizations understand that the exposure from a cyberbreach extends beyond a failure of their systems. For example, how the organization responds to a cyberbreach may now provide a basis for injuries...

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Buyer Beware! Despite tokenization, mobile payments are not bulletproof

Virtual Card Present - A New Breed of Mobile Credit Card Fraud As credit card fraud rises, ensuring the security of mobile payments is important for merchants and consumers alike. To combat fraud, the next generation of mobile payment platforms employ tokenization to create more secure mobile...

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The Amorphous Nature of Cyber Risk: GCs should look at the enterprise-wide impact of a breach

In today’s hyper-connected age, safeguarding a company against a security breach is an amorphous task. Determined hackers will ultimately find a way around security protocols. When it comes to assessing cyber risks, many general counsel feel their hands are tied – they know their...

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