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The Last Word On Disclosure Of Projections Under Delaware Law

Editor: It is settled Delaware law that directors have a duty to disclose to shareholders all material information in their possession when seeking stockholder approval of a merger transaction. What have the Delaware courts had to say about materiality of financial projections recently? Tumas:...

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The Next Level: Promoting Diversity In The ADR Arena

Editor: While neither of you gentlemen is a stranger to our readers, would each of you say something about your background and professional experience? Martin: I have experience in business as general counsel and as president and CEO of a telecom company. I have also served as a state court judge...

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Practice Before Delaware's Court of Chancery: The Lawyers' Perspective

Editor: Your book has become the bible with respect to practice before the Delaware Court of Chancery. Why did you undertake this project? Wolfe: Delaware's Court of Chancery is the preeminent corporate and business law tribunal in the United States, if not the world. We wanted to provide a...

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