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Information Governance

Managing the Lifecycle of Information

OpenText's Hal Marcus and Anthony Di Bello discuss how to make sure e-discovery is a part of an organization's overall information governance and management program. Their remarks have been edited for length and style.

CCBJ: Over the past five years, OpenText has made a number of...

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The Unlikely Champions of AI: Lawyers?? Who woulda thunk it?

When you think of bold, innovative, downright disruptive users of cutting-edge technology, you naturally think of … lawyers? Risk-averse, cautious, measured, paid-by-the-hour, brick-and-mortar, word-parsing, quintessentially nuanced (“I didn’t hear your question, but regardless...

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7 Things You Need to Know About Technology-Assisted Investigations: Corporate investigations are not like e-discovery, and the right approach can make a big difference in your success.

Figure 1 David Stanton of Pillsbury introduces panelists (seated from left): David Yerich, UnitedHealth Group; Laura Roman, NYSE; John Davis, UBS; and Stephen Medlock, Mayer Brown LLP; and (standing, rear) moderator Adam Kuhn of OpenText Discovery. At Legaltech 2017 in New York City, OpenText...

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Corporate Counsel

Technological Advances Breed E-Discovery Collaboration: Survey reveals growing alignments and continuing disconnects between firms and clients

OpenText™ Discovery (formerly Recommind) recently partnered with Ari Kaplan Advisors to poll partners at leading law firms regarding e-discovery issues. The results are captured in “How Law Firms Are Incorporating Efficiency, the Cloud and Technology to Meet Enhanced Client Demands...

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Choice, Control and the Cloud: E-discovery survey finds consolidation benefits companies, but resistance persists

Hal Marcus, Director of Product Marketing for Recommind, a leader in data analytics and e-discovery technology, discusses the company’s recent survey of Corporate Law Departments, including their openness and resistance to an e-discovery consolidation strategy. His remarks have been edited...

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