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Legal Tech

It’s About Trust, Not Tech: The real reason in-house teams are reluctant to purchase software.

CCBJ sat down with Melanie Shafer, who has nearly two decades of experience leading world-class customer experience teams, to learn the real reason why companies are deprioritizing software adoption in today’s current economy.

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Artificial Intelligence

AI Can Think and Move Through Work Like a Lawyer. But What Does That Mean for Lawyers?

Matt DenOuden, Vice President of Global Sales at Onit, explains why Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming so interesting for lawyers and legal operations, as well as how AI allows attorneys to focus on higher-value work and better serve their businesses.

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Legal Operations

Transforming the Legal Department: ELM Solution Puts Information at Everyone's Fingertips

When you think of enterprise legal management (ELM) systems, you probably think about the ways they can make spend and matter management more efficient. But ELM systems are quickly evolving, becoming more comprehensive all the time, and today they can help optimize contract management, NDA creation...

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Redefining Legal Department Operations: One App at a Time

MCC: What is an enterprise app? Elfman: Forrester refers to them as Smart Process Apps for the enterprise and describes them as follows:  These industry-specific apps are easy for people to use, help them collaborate more effectively, and yet are adaptable to the rapid pace of change...

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