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As Local As Local Law Gets - Part II: New Jersey 2010-2011 Court Term Civil Case Highlights

Our original article detailing some of the more notable provisions of New Jersey’s state court and federal local rules received such overwhelming interest that we decided to write this follow-up segment. A backlog of cases during the 2010-2011 court term did not deter New Jersey state...

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Reducing Cybersecurity Risks - Government And Business Working Together

Editor: Thank you, gentlemen, for sitting down with us and sharing your insights on the pressing issues of cybersecurity and data protection. Senator Menendez, let's start with you. With competing priorities like the economy and the ongoing wars to contend with, where do you see...

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Avoid The Rainy Day: Survey Of U.S. Cloud Computing Caselaw

Cloud computing, a computer networking model that gives users on-demand access to shared software applications and data storage, is becoming increasingly popular among businesses and individuals. For example, if you use Google's Gmail for email and calendaring, Snapfish for online photo sharing...

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Virtual Crimes - Real Damages: Challenges Posed By Cybercrimes In The United States

Introduction A dangerous aspect of the Internet Age is cybercrime. As technology advances, so do the criminals. For American businesses and government, the cost of these attacks can be staggering. "Cybercrime," a term used to describe criminal activity conducted through the Internet, began...

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As Local As Local Law Gets: Navigating New Jersey's Unique Legal Landscape

You arrive at your desk and the day starts like any other - dialing your voicemail while simultaneously typing an email. But today, you notice that a new file has been added to your mountain of work. "New Jersey?!?" you shout. "We do business in New Jersey?" You collect yourself and acknowledge...

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