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Clean Up Your Environmental Insurance: For NY, NJ & PA companies, CGL policy review is critical

Norris McLaughlin attorneys discuss the basics of environmental coverage law in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York under comprehensive/commercial general liability (“CGL”) policies. MCC: For companies in the NY/NJ/PA area, talk about some of the state-specific factors relating to...

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New Jersey's New Environmental Regulations For Day Care Centers

Editor: Please tell our readers about your work and the environmental practice at Norris McLaughlin and Marcus. Donovan: We have 11 lawyers in our firm who practice environmental law exclusively. Part of our work is in the transactional area, handling the environmental piece of mergers and...

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How To Deal With NJDEP Violations

Editor: Please tell our readers about your practice. Donovan: We have nine attorneys who practice environmental law full time. Edd Hogan and I are the Co-Chairs of the department. While practicing litigation, I also do some regulatory compliance, some real estate, and some mergers and...

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