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Proposed Ban On Consumer Arbitration Would Further Clog Overburdened And Underfunded Courts

A weak economy reduces the tax revenues necessary for the normal operation of state government. State court systems are no exception. Decreasing tax receipts often force legislatures to decrease the judicial branch's customary allocations in succeeding years. The current economic downturn and the...

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Anti-Arbitration Bills Imperil The Universal Benefits Of Consumer Arbitration

Eighty-three years ago, Congress enacted the Federal Arbitration Act ("FAA"), giving Americans the right to contract to resolve their disputes through binding arbitration. The FAA established a strong federal policy favoring arbitration as an expeditious and cost-effective alternative to court....

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Drive Down Healthcare Costs By Creating A "Culture Of ADR"

The twin imperatives of providing high-quality and low-cost healthcare have proven elusive to achieve in combination. The same technology, specialization and expertise that produce high-quality care also result in increased costs that burden patients, providers, insurers, employers, consumers and...

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