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General Counsel: The Global Corporation’s Next Agent Of Change

In this highly complex and regulated business environment, general counsel are increasingly being asked to act as a trusted advisor, risk-mitigation agent, and counselor-in-chief for the organization’s board and executives. Controlling costs, managing the increased risk and complexity of...

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Utilizing Technology To Make The Legal Department The Best-Run Function In The Corporation

It wasn’t so long ago that the office of the general counsel and the corporate legal department were a bit of a mystery to the average employee working at America’s leading corporations. Who they were, what they did, when to engage with them, and what impact they had on the business...

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The Shift In Corporate Legal: Making Legal Departments The Best-Run Function In The Organization

Editor: You joined Mitratech about a year ago now after a career primarily focused on the law firm business. What intrigued you about the corporate counsel market? Parkman: I have worked in legal technology for 18 years, initially within a law firm managing technology implementations and trial...

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