Shawn K. Leppo


McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC

Shawn is a patent attorney and Co-Chair of the McNees Intellectual Property Group. His practice includes advice and counseling on all aspects of intellectual property law, with a focus on patent matters, including patent prosecution, enforcement, licensing, and risk avoidance strategies.

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Diligence Under Duress: IP Review Even When Time Is Short or the Budget Is Tight

Even after a small acquisition, IP diligence should never be overlooked.

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Intellectual Property

Welcome Fallout from the Smartphone Wars: Federal Circuit embraces strong protection of design patents

Yet another battle in the long-running war over smartphones between industry and cultural titans, Apple and Samsung, has been decided, with Apple once again getting the better of its nemesis. This particular battle, however, has also given rise to an important decision clarifying and reinforcing...

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