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Identifying A Principal Place Of Business For Diversity Jurisdiction: Supreme Court Settles The Debate

In the recent United States Supreme Court decision, Hertz Corp. v. Friend , 175 L. Ed. 2d 1029, 1034 (U.S. 2010), Justice Breyer posed a question worthy of a law school exam:If the bulk of a company's business activities visible to the public takes place in factories in New Jersey, while its top...

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What Will It Take To Make Non-Hourly Pricing A Real Fee Alternative?

Is the alternative fee discussion taking place at legal conferences and in the blogoshpere a sign of a real sea change in the approach to valuation of legal services or is it just an adjustment to the vocabulary of traditional billing practices reflecting temporary fallout from the current...

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Beware The Paw: Cat's Paw Liability And Employment Decisions In The Current Economy

Employers should always make decisions affecting their employees with due deliberation, based on appropriate and accurate information. Yet today, employers must be even more keenly aware of the means by which such decisions are made. Indeed, employers must be especially cautious of a growing...

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Hurt By The Crisis - Consider The Litigation Remedy

Editor : Matthew, please tell us about your role at Eversheds. Allen : I am head of the financial services dispute management team here at Eversheds in London. That involves three key areas: first, wholesale market disputes within the London and European markets - involving securitizations,...

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Where An Employee's Right Of Privacy In Electronic Communications Ends And The Employer's Right To Access Begins

Consider this scenario: your company purchases and distributes BlackBerries to its employees. The devices operate on the company's service plan with a third-party provider. A few months later, a female employee complains that a male employee has been sending her and other female employees...

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