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Civil Justice

Suggestion For Dramatically Reducing E-Discovery Burdens

Editor: Why should the scope of e-discovery be limited? Should it presumptively be limited to information available in the ordinary course of business? Solomon: The scope of e-discovery should be limited because the broad scope that exists right now combined with the incredible volume of ESI...

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Banking | Finance

Are Corporations Ready To Be Transparent And Share Irrelevant Documents With Opposing Counsel To Obtain Substantial Cost Savings Through The Use Of Predictive Coding?

The discovery process does not require a producing party to produce irrelevant documents in response to a request for production under Fed. R. Civ. P. 34. To the contrary, the scope of discovery is expressly limited to discovery that is relevant to any party’s claim or defense, or if good...

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Pippins v. KPMG May Lead Corporations To Overpreserve But Also Teaches How To Avoid It

A corporation attempting to comply with its preservation obligations today walks a tightrope. Reasonableness and proportionality should be the guide for preservation of electronically stored information (ESI).[1] But inconsistent federal court decisions and the real fear of sanctions lead many...

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Corporate Counsel

E-Discovery Cost-Shifting

Electronic discovery costs continue to rise. Litigants are forever seeking ways to reduce e-discovery costs across all phases of the process. An attractive option for big companies with voluminous electronically stored information (ESI) is to attempt to shift e-discovery costs to the opponent....

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