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New Sources Of Relief From E-Discovery Burdens

Editor: Tell us about your practice. Austrian: I represent companies in complex civil cases, where there is a very heavy emphasis on locating, organizing and presenting complex information to a judge or jury. Over the years, I have handled patent, environmental, product liability, toxic tort,...

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Basic Steps In E-discovery Continued: Legal Hold Policies Where Information Is Within The Company, In A Cloud Or On A Social Media Site

This is the third in a series of articles providing our thoughts on how to reduce costs and bring some rationality to e-discovery. We have discussed the e-discovery plan, the e-discovery team, ESI systems analysis, record retention policies and triggering event guidelines in prior articles.1This...

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Basic Steps In E-discovery Continued: Knowing Where "Stuff" Is And Planning To Retain It

This is the second in a series of articles intended to provide some thoughts on how to reducecosts and bring some rationality to e-discovery. We have advocated creating an overall e-discovery plan before litigation begins that might include the following: designated e-discovery teams; ESI systems...

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Basic Steps In E-discovery Preparation: Creating The Team And Knowing When To Pull The Trigger

Introduction Corporations face challenging and expensive problems identifying, preserving, collecting, reviewing and producing electronically stored information in civil litigation ("e-discovery"). While the courts have attempted to create "reasonable" parameters to permit compliance within...

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Do Your Bit To Control Runaway E-Discovery Costs

Mark Austrian is a Partner in the firm's Washington, D.C. office. He focuses his trial practice on litigation, mediation and arbitration proceedings, including matters in the intellectual property, toxic tort, products liability, customs, telecommunications, commercial and environmental law areas...

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