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VoIP Brings New Services, Features And Risks

In telecommunications today, "VoIP" is all the rage. Voice over Internet Protocol is the latest buzzword in an acronym filled industry. It can mean lots of things, but all of them have to do with sending voice communications over the Internet rather than through the "public switched telephone...

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Is It Time To Renegotiate Your Company's Voice And Data Agreements?

By some reports. nearly 70 percent of large enterprise voice and data agreements are set to expire in 2005. Carriers such as AT&T, BellSouth, MCI, SBC, Sprint, Qwest and Verizon are all considered to be "tier-one" carriers. If you are considering allowing your service agreements with these...

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New Liability Trends In Online Gaming

As the popularity of online gambling (let's call it "gaming") and entertainment grows, so does the complexity of related liability. Gamers who lose money don't want to pay. Astonished parents are shocked at online gambling debts of teenaged offspring. Even where it is legal - in some countries...

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