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Cooling Off Public Nuisance Claims

Public nuisance law has been a part of American jurisprudence from colonial times. While it is rooted in criminal actions and historically was used primarily to address obstructions to public travel and violations of morals (e.g., brothels, bars and more), nuisance law has more recently been...

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BPA, Phthalates And The Law

American manufacturers produce and use millions of pounds of Bisphenol A ("BPA") and phthalates annually. These versatile organic compounds are used in a broad range of industries and products, including food and beverage containers, children's toys, childcare items, medical devices, personal care...

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The First Amendment, A Corporation's Most Fundamental Right

Editor: Would you please tell our readers about your practice area? Why have First Amendment rights become a key area of your thinking? Moellenberg: My practice involves representation of major corporations that have been sued for mass torts and product liability claims. Typically, allegations are...

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Product Liability Update: Attacks On Food Industry Escalate

Massachusetts, a state with liberal consumer protection laws, will likely be the newest battleground in the rapidly escalating childhood obesity wars. Consumer advocates plan to attack Kellogg, Viacom, Coca-Cola, and PepsiCo in two Massachusetts-based lawsuits, both of which reportedly will claim...

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