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Don't Believe The Myths. Antitrust Jury Trials Are Winnable

Antitrust cases present a combination of legal and economic issues that even judges may find challenging. A jury adds a host of extra variables that even effective voir dire won't eliminate. Add on treble damages and attorney's fees, and you can understand why the vast majority of cases settle...

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Harmonizing The Globalization Of Antitrust Laws

To suggest that antitrust and competition concepts are becoming more global is akin to suggesting that ipods might be more than a fad. Antitrust globalization is old news. Consider, for example, the International Competition Network (ICN), which formed in 2001 with the hope that it would become a...

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Changes In Competition Enforcement On The Global Stage

Editor: International prosecutions of price-fixing cartels seems to be the dominant theme of antitrust litigation lately. What explains this emphasis? Majoras: There are three primary reasons. First, price-fixing regulations are spreading rapidly throughout the world, especially in regions of...

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