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Strategies For Successful Interaction With ADR Neutrals

Editor: What key topics should be covered when contracting with an ADR neutral? Dreier: When contracting with an ADR neutral, there are six principal areas to be covered: Background: The parties should understand the neutral's qualifications, experience, training, attitude towards the mediation...

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Getting To The Finish Line: Effective Closing Techniques For Settling Disputes Through Mediation

John E. Osborn P.C.'s law practice concentrates in complex construction and environmental litigation. The firm's practice focuses on the representation of real estate owners in the capital planning process and includes preparation of the design and construction contracts, troubleshooting during the...

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Using Innovative Non-Binding ADR To Eliminate And Resolve Construction Disputes: Project Advocates For The Construction Industry

Members of the design profession and the construction industry have invested a great deal of time, effort and money trying to develop effective alternatives to construction contract litigation in court. Arbitration, mediation, mini-trial, and summary jury are all techniques which are used to...

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Characteristics To Consider When Selecting "The Right" ADR Neutrals

Editor: What criteria should be considered when selecting an ADR neutral? Meanor: That depends on the subject matter. If there are to be three arbitrators, then it would be a good idea, if the subject is complex, to have at least one who is familiar with the turf and can communicate with the...

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The Role Of Strategic Legal Advice In Successful College And University Capital Planning

Colleges and universities are consistently building and renovating to upgrade classrooms, laboratories, conference centers, athletic complexes, and to add adequate levels of student and faculty housing to attract high caliber faculty and students. Even with all of the real estate, capital planning...

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