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How You Could Be Using Metrics in E-Discovery: General counsel now have the ability to get more involved in the process

Alisa McLellan, a licensed attorney, is the director of project management for the Chicago and New York offices at Inventus. She and her team work with inside and outside counsel to manage large data-collection projects for both litigation and internal investigations. In this...

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Make Way for Late Case Assessment: Enhanced process paves the way for more fluid and efficient vetting

Thom Siblo is a team lead at Inventus, where he has been managing crucial e-discovery projects for key client companies for seven years. We sat down to talk to him about early case assessment, but we’d noticed that he’s also been blogging about late case assessment, a bit of jargon we...

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Alexa, Can You Keep a Secret? Your internet-connected ‘things’ could bite you.

In a day and age where internet of things (IoT) devices, such as Amazon’s Echo, are integrated into many aspects of our lives, how much privacy can one expect? And can the lack of privacy come back to bite you? These are some of the questions that were raised by a murder case dating back to...

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