Daniel L. Regard

Chief Executive Officer

iDiscovery Solutions

Dan Regard is an electronic discovery and computer science consultant with 25 years’ experience in consulting to legal and corporate entities. A programmer and an attorney by training, Mr. Regard has conducted system investigations, created data collections, and managed discovery on over a thousand matters. He is responsible for the development and implementation of case and matter strategies that leverage technology in litigation and investigations.

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Legal Tech

Fact Crashing Speeds Up Dispute Resolution

Dan Regard, founder and Chief Executive Officer of iDiscovery Solutions, talks about how the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure play into this aspect of litigation and the optimal order of operations or procedures for dealing with varying types of data.

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CCBJ Perspectives: How COVID-19 Has, and Will, Impact the Legal Profession

Dan Regard, president and CEO of iDiscovery Solutions, speaks with host Kristin Calve about the disruption of COVID-19 and the ability to design and pursue long term strategies in the face of this pandemic.

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Taking Advantage of an Emergent New Area of Evidence

Dan Regard, president and CEO of iDiscovery Solutions, discusses recent trends and innovations in the world of digital forensics and e-discovery, including the revolutionary role of contextual data in today’s legal strategies.

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Pro Bono in E-Discovery

In 1919, Reginald Heber Smith wrote the seminal article “Justice and the Poor,” laying out the irrefutable argument that everyone should have access to our legal system. Today, lawyers are taught in law school that there is a professional responsibility to provide legal services to everyone.

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The First Stop for IP E-Discovery

DISH’s Mike Burg partnered with iDS’s Dan Regard to build a document repository that allows the legal department to be more consistent across matters and leverage previous decisions on repetitive documents.​

CCBJ: Mike, please describe some of the issues that have been on your...

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