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How A Robust Records And Information Management Program Can Protect Your Intellectual Property And Information Assets

The latest engineering breakthrough, the newest green technology, the next generation software, the killer app, the last 100 years of blood, sweat, and toil - all examples of extremely valuable intellectual property assets that represent your company's competitive advantage - and they must be...

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Modernizing Your Records Information Management Program

The number of ways to store data has increased dramatically over the past few decades. While this increase in options provides the user with greater flexibility, it also brings challenges and complexity. Forty or 50 years ago, storage options were limited to paper or microfilm. Storage and...

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"GPS" For Your Organization: The Art And Science Of The Enterprise Information Map

The Global Positioning System ("GPS") is a network of two dozen satellites orbiting at 12,000 miles above the earth. The network is capable of pinpointing precise locations anywhere on the planet.1 Now, while an Enterprise Information Map (EIM) cannot claim to locate information from 12,000 miles...

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