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Man And Machine: A Look Forward Into The Future Of eDiscovery

Is the question "man vs. machine" or "machine helps man" or "man helps machine"? I tend to think that the latter holds the most promise. Due to the increasing complexity and volume of data facing litigants and corporations involved in disputes, the notion that man...

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Machines Versus Humans In E-Discovery - Strengths And Weaknesses

Editor: You make the point that combinations of machines can reduce the reliance on human review of electronic documents and offer promise in a variety of situations. Laykin: The word "reduce" is important. It is necessary for users of e-discovery services to keep their expectations in...

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Duff & Phelps: Integrating E-Discovery and Investigations Expertise

Editor: Would each of you tell us something about your professional experience? Laykin: I am a Managing Director with Duff & Phelps, and co-leader - with Peggy Daley - of the Global Electronic Discovery & Investigations practice. Prior to joining Duff & Phelps, I was head of the...

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