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Advertising, Marketing And Promotions Law Year In Review While Wall Street, the Olympics, and a Presidential Election Dominated Headlines, Green Marketers, Kevin Trudeau (again) and a Naked Cowboy Also Left Their Indelible Marks on 2008

As the world celebrated the Beijing Olympics and witnessed the rise of China as a world economic power, the U.S. economy continued to falter and not even Michael Phelps's eighth gold medal could ease the financial tensions at home. While a few unscrupulous advertisers took advantage of these...

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Advertising, Marketing And Promotions Law Year In Review

The year came in with a scare - but fortunately not a bang - when Boston police arrested two men in connection with a suspicious device alert that turned out to be a guerilla marketing ploy for a late night cable cartoon. Turner Broadcasting, the parent company of the Cartoon Network, said the...

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