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Virtual Property - Business Models And Pitfalls

I. Big Picture In the last several years, online games and communities have experienced exponential growth. A number of these worlds such as EverQuest, Second Life and World of Warcraft are self-contained persistent worlds where consumers spend many hours a week. Traditionally, the main...

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Keyword Advertising: Still Under Construction

Introduction U.S. court decisions concerning Internet keyword advertising reflect an inconsistency in reasoning, particularly on the threshold question of whether the sale and purchase of another's trademark as a keyword constitutes "use" of that mark. This article reviews recent cases, and...

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Security Breach Notification Laws Become The State Statutory Norm

In the wake of California's pioneering 2003 Database Protection Act ("the Act"), over 30 other states have now adopted laws requiring consumer notification when personal information is disclosed or jeopardized. These laws have been coincident with a startling number of security violations over the...

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Issues & Overview Intellectual Property In The Online World: An Ongoing Digital Dilemma

From the very first moment when a record company learned that a song could be shared through an online file sharing service for free, or a photographer discovered that his/her photo was being distributed as a high-resolution graphic without a license or an author saw proprietary content posted on a...

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