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Critical Issues In Structuring Shareholders Agreements Of Closely Held Companies

In many instances the relationship among shareholders of closely held companies draws comparisons to that of a marriage, and as you might expect, the agreement that governs certain aspects of that relationship similarly draws comparisons to that of a prenuptial agreement. In essence, a well-...

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Attracting And Retaining Key Employees By Offering Equity-Based Incentive Compensation

Introduction As the marketplace continues to grow more competitive, companies are often searching for creative ways to compensate their key people. By simply relying on base salary and an annual bonus to attract and retain critical employees, companies may find themselves at a competitive...

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Controlling Interest Transactions: Advantages, Disadvantages And Complexities Of Selling Less Than 100 Percent Of A Company

When business owners begin to contemplate a sale of their company, they will often only think in terms of selling 100% of their business, and, in fact, a majority of merger and acquisition transactions have been structured in this very manner. However, there are an increasing number of buyers and...

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Private Equity Choosing The Right Business Entity

Choosing the right business entity to operate a new business venture can be one of the most daunting decisions that a business owner must make. The decision is complicated by the current legal environment where periodic changes in federal and state laws have from time to time materially altered...

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