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Behavioral Advertising - An Advertiser's Dream Or A Privacy Nightmare?

Imagine a bald gentleman walks into a department store, and the clerk at the counter asks him if he is interested in buying a hair dryer. This scenario sounds farfetched. A typical department store clerk would notice that the customer had certain characteristics and would seek to offer the...

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Do-Not-E-mail My Child: States Launch New Registries

Michigan and Utah have recently launched similar child protection registries to enable parents to shield children from unwanted e-mail messages. Public registration in Michigan began July 1, 2005, and sender compliance begins August 1, 2005. Public registration in Utah began July 15, 2005, and...

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Issues & Overview Intellectual Property In The Online World: An Ongoing Digital Dilemma

From the very first moment when a record company learned that a song could be shared through an online file sharing service for free, or a photographer discovered that his/her photo was being distributed as a high-resolution graphic without a license or an author saw proprietary content posted on a...

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