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Martin Garbus's New Book On The United States Supreme Court: Winds Of Change

Editor: Mr. Garbus, you can look back on a distinguished career. Can you share with our readers some of the high points? Garbus: I have argued before the United States Supreme Court four times. I have represented many of the major writers and publishers in America. I have been involved in some...

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China: A Consistent Commitment To The Rule Of Intellectual Property And Corporate Law - Part II

Part I of this interview appeared in the June 2006 issue. Editor: Should companies seeking to invest or conduct operations in China work with foreign law firms or Chinese law firms? Garbus: The Chinese government does not permit certain practices that are sanctioned elsewhere. A nationalist...

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China: A Consistent Commitment To The Rule Of Intellectual Property and Corporate Law - Part I

Part II of this interview will appear in the July 2006 issue. Editor: Mr. Garbus, you are just back from China. Would you share with us what took you there? Garbus: I have always had a great interest in China, and I have been there a dozen times since my first trip in 1976. This time I went to...

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Martin Garbus On The First Amendment: "At The Very Heart Of How We Define Ourselves As A Nation"

Editor: Mr. Garbus, would you tell our readers something about your background and professional experience? Garbus: I am a partner in the Litigation Department of New York-based Davis & Gilbert, a firm widely known for its representation of marketing communications, publishing and media...

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Brand Names In Entertainment: The Trend, And The Controversy, Grows

From the Little Orphan Annie radio show sponsored by Ovaltine in the 1930s and 40s to the Texaco Star Theater of the late 1940s and early 1950s to this summer's second season of Pepsi Smash on The WB television network, the presence of advertisers and brand names in popular entertainment has again...

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