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Is The Design Piracy Protection Act A Step Forward For Copyright Law Or Is It Destined To Fall Apart At The Seams?

Fashion has permeated nearly every medium of American culture, including television , with programs such as "Project Runway" and "What Not to Wear;" movies , such as "The Devil Wears Prada;" magazines , including "Vogue," "Glamour" and "Elle;" art , such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art's...

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Advertising, Marketing And Promotions: What's On The Agenda For 2008?

Editor: Would each of you gentlemen give our readers some idea of your professional experience? Urbach: I have been with Davis & Gilbert since graduating from law school at Washington University in St. Louis and am currently a member of the firm's management committee. I am also Co-Chair of...

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Self-Regulation: The Advertising Industry's Commitment To Truth And Substantiation In Advertising

Editor: Mr. Urbach, would you tell our readers something about your professional experience? Urbach: I am co-chair of Davis & Gilbert's advertising, marketing, promotion and media department and have been an advertising lawyer at D&G for 30 years. From concept to distribution, we...

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China's Advertising Sector: Reflecting The Cultural And Social Realities Of The World's Fastest-Growing Economy

Editor: Would each of you tell us about your professional background? Du: I am a New York-based partner with Jun He Law Offices, which is headquartered in Beijing. I joined the firm in 2001. We mainly focus on representing foreign companies doing business in China, in addition to some Chinese...

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The Advertising, Marketing and Communications Industry: The Pace of Change Is Accelerating - Part II

Editor's Note: Part I of this interview appeared in the April issue of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel. Editor: Tell us about the relationship between marketers and their advertising agencies. Urbach: The marketer is the source of the message and the agency is the creator of the message. Both...

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