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The Cutting Edge: A Non-traditional Basis For Federal Jurisdiction Under The Edge Act

How can a federally chartered bank find a basis for federal court jurisdiction even without a federal question or diversity among the parties? The answer is the very powerful, but little-known, provision of the Edge Act codified at 12 U.S.C. § 632 ("Section 632"). Section 632 provides...

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Reining In Attorneys' Fees In FLSA Collective Actions: Factors Emphasized By Courts In Scrutinizing Fee Applications

Much publicity has been generated by the proliferation of wage and hour collective actions under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which in recent years have come to represent a rapidly increasing proportion of all class actions filed in the federal courts. A typical FLSA collective action...

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Who's On The Move? Protect The Assets That Ride Up And Down In Your Elevator

Editor: Mr. Lasky, would you tell our readers something about your responsibilities at Davis & Gilbert? Lasky: I co-chair Davis & Gilbert's Litigation Department. I also oversee the pro bono activities of the firm and am a member of the firm's management committee. Editor: In addition to...

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Employment Roundtable: Updates In Discrimination Law

In this roundtable, we discuss two recent New York decisions that expanded the scope of the state's discrimination law. The first decision involves the application of New York State's discrimination law to employees who are working outside the United States, but who report to supervisors based in...

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Pro Bono Service: "It Makes Us Both Better Lawyers And Better Citizens"

Editor: Mr. Lasky, you have spent quite a few years at Davis & Gilbert. Would you tell us something about the firm? Lasky: In an era of law firm mergers and consolidations, Davis & Gilbert is unique in that we are a community of 100-plus colleagues, many of whom have practiced together...

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