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Advertising, Marketing And Promotions Law Year In Review While Wall Street, the Olympics, and a Presidential Election Dominated Headlines, Green Marketers, Kevin Trudeau (again) and a Naked Cowboy Also Left Their Indelible Marks on 2008

As the world celebrated the Beijing Olympics and witnessed the rise of China as a world economic power, the U.S. economy continued to falter and not even Michael Phelps's eighth gold medal could ease the financial tensions at home. While a few unscrupulous advertisers took advantage of these...

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"Professional Lawyers. Do Not Attempt."

We are all familiar with the often used disclaimers "Professional driver. Closed course. Do not attempt." or "Don't try this at home" to the point where they have become pop culture clichés. These disclaimers and others like them frequently appear in advertisements as a way of discouraging viewers...

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Second Circuit Provides Clearer Picture On False Advertising Doctrine

In August 2007, the Second U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion concerning certain DIRECTV advertisements that provided a clearer picture on its false advertising doctrine. It modified the District Court's ruling banning DIRECTV from disseminating in any Time Warner Cable, Inc. ("TWC")...

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Advertising, Marketing And Promotions Law Year In Review

The year came in with a scare - but fortunately not a bang - when Boston police arrested two men in connection with a suspicious device alert that turned out to be a guerilla marketing ploy for a late night cable cartoon. Turner Broadcasting, the parent company of the Cartoon Network, said the...

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Message To Mr. Trump: Tune In Here To Win Sweepstakes Lawsuit Against "Apprentice"

For decades, sweepstakes and game of chance promotions have been used as effective marketing techniques to sell products and services. At any given time, there are literally hundreds, possibly thousands, of sweepstakes offered by marketers to help entice consumers to buy more products. A recent...

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