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Innovation | Collaboration

Toward a More Expansive View of Mentoring

Yesim Richardson, president of Cornerstone Research, and Lisa Claussen-Adams, the firm's senior talent advisor, explore the ins and outs of mentorship and break down the concept itself into four separate behaviors that allow for effective mentoring.

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Beneath the Surface: Valuing oil and gas assets in litigation

Recent technological developments in the oil and gas industry have provided access to vast new reserves throughout the world and led to significant growth in oil and gas production. The expansion in drilling and producing operations has also coincided with an increase in litigation and...

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Digging for Deep Expertise: Big data and discovery deadlines drive surging need for well-prepared experts

MCC: It’s hard to overstate just how much the size and shape of datasets have changed, along with the scope of the data analysis required to support expert testimony in today’s high-stakes litigation and investigations. Tell us how you came to be involved in such a rapidly evolving area...

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Banking | Finance

A Challenging Environment: Demand for specialized expertise grows with complexity of disputes in UK and Europe

MCC: Cornerstone Research recently opened an office in London. What prompted this move? Meehan: London is one of the significant litigation markets outside of the United States, and it was important for us to be here to address European litigation and regulatory matters for our clients’...

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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Energy, Asia & the Great Recession: Recent trends and issues in international arbitration

The interdependence of global markets and the growth in cross-border transactions have increased the scale, complexity and frequency of international disputes. As these disputes become more complex, expert assessments of financial, economic and business matters have become increasingly important...

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The Economics of Energy Commodities Trading and Market Manipulation Allegations

Editor: What needs do your clients present that require consulting services from Cornerstone Research’s energy and commodities practice? Leonard: One of our primary focus points is the trading of commodities: natural gas, crude oil, propane, metals, and agricultural commodities, as well...

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Intellectual Property

IP Expert On The Push For Market-Based Evidence In High-End Patent Litigation

Editor: Please tell us about Cornerstone Research. Iyer: Cornerstone Research is a leading firm consulting to attorneys involved in complex litigation or regulatory proceedings. We have more than five hundred consultants working from offices in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Menlo Park, New York...

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