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Influencing the C-Suite: Advice for in-house counsel on the fine arts of influence and persuasion

For in-house counsel, convincing colleagues in the C-suite —or in the rest of the company, for that matter —is rarely a simple matter of saying, “Do it. I’m the lawyer.” Influence and persuasion require strategic thinking, a deep understanding of a company’s...

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Career Development

The Essential Skills of an LDO Leader: Successful operations executives fuse talent, tact, and technical ability

Deciding to hire a legal department operations executive seems like a no-brainer for general counsel who want to transform the way their teams deliver services to clients. Unfortunately for those GCs, that’s where the easy part ends. There’s rarely anything simple about finding the...

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Turning Great Strategy into Great Success: NetApp works hard at getting the hard part – such as metrics – right

My last column described how Silicon Valley’s NetApp Inc. has stepped on the accelerator in its drive to create a world-class legal department – one powered by smart technology decisions, first-rate metrics and a deep commitment to satisfying its clients inside and outside the company....

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