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Legal Tech

Managing Risk of Liability Stemming from Biometric Tech and Privacy Laws

Using biometrics may increase efficiency, but companies that do so should also be careful to avoid – and insure against – liability.

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Insurance Coverage & Recovery

New Developments in Emerging Coverage Disputes

The global business landscape faced disputes beyond COVID-19 and it’s trickle-down effect in 2020. Robert D. Chesler, Nicholas M. Insua and John P. Lacey Jr., of Anderson Kill, dive into the environment and social occurrences that resulted in insurance disputes and liability exposures.

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Battle Lines Drawn Over Coverage For Opioid Litigation

Opioid producers and distributors have turned to their insurance companies for relief from litigation, triggering a fierce fight.

The pharmaceutical industry is under siege by opioid litigation. Opioid producers and distributors are the targets of dozens of suits brought by states and...

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Bringing Home the Bacon - Emerging Issues in Food Insurance Law: Understanding the essentials of food contamination insurance

Outbreaks of food contamination, most recently Chipotle’s E. coli outbreak, garner not only media attention but also a flood of class actions, shareholder derivative suits and criminal investigations. Contaminated food has also produced an unprecedented wave of product recalls, some of which...

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Insurance Coverage & Recovery

Second Circuit: D&O Insurance Covers Subpoenas, Special Litigation Committees And Independent Consultants

Policyholders were recently granted a sweeping victory on critical issues of insurance coverage for subpoenas and securities-related costs in the Second Circuit's MBIA Inc. v. Federal Insurance July 1, 2011, opinion. Perhaps most importantly, the court resolved in MBIA's favor the long-...

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