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Bringing E-Discovery In-House: It can make sense, but a legal department should carefully assess how much to do

There was a lot of talk this year at LegalTech about corporate legal departments bringing e-discovery in-house. The purported justifications for doing so are many, ranging from reduced costs and risks to increased control, efficiency and compliance. However, since the e-discovery lifecycle is very...

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Reuniting Scattered Documents For More Efficient Review: An Evidence Exchange Case Study

Common problems aren't necessarily easy to solve. One of the oldest, most basic - and still pervasive - problems when working with electronically stored information (ESI) in legal disputes is organizing these materials in a way that they can be efficiently analyzed by a reviewing legal team. This...

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Roundtable: E-Discovery - An Ever-Improving, Revolutionary Development

Editor: Has the increased accuracy and efficiency of e-discovery software significantly reduced its costs as well as attorney costs in ferreting out significant documents? Sharp: Technology is now available to identify significant documents. This is a sea change in the industry. The first...

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Electronic Discovery: The End Of The Innocence

It has been amazing to observe over the last eighteen months or so the emergence of a New World Order in the Electronic Discovery area. It seems that recent decisions of the judiciary have taken most of the guesswork and mystery out of the Electronic Discovery puzzle. The courts have been spending...

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