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Information Governance

Information Governance Insights: Taking Control of the Data Mountains

An annotated review of Information Governance Insights columns from 2017 The scope of corporate counsel duties has changed rather rapidly and drastically in the past decade. As companies have quickly begun to digitalize nearly every aspect of their operations, digital information has become the...

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Technology’s Impact on Cross-Border and Global Investigations

AlixPartner's Vineet Seghal and David Waterfield discuss the need for a consistent but customized scope and approach to global investigations. Their remarks have been edited for length and style.  CCBJ: With regards to cross-border and global investigations, how do you mitigate data...

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Information Governance Insights: Measuring the True Costs of E-Discovery

Taming budgets has long been a primary goal of all corporate legal departments. To this end, many companies have begun taking cost-cutting measures such as reducing the number of law firms they work with, developing alternative fee arrangements and putting pressure on firms to reduce their hourly...

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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Arbitration Without the Feel of Litigation: It’s all about control, and it starts with discovery

For many, electronic discovery in litigation is a source of uncertainty, not to mention the headaches and exhaustion caused by seemingly infinite motion practice. When federal rules were adopted to address electronically stored information (ESI) in 2006, the primary culprits were email messages and...

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Smart Contracts Are Having Their Moment: Named in the 1990s, they took 15 years to arrive

Consider a situation where a product is covered under manifold patents held by multiple third-party patent holders. Imagine the time and costs of, among others, monitoring sales and royalty payments. Now imagine a technology that could (1) ensure that every time a sale is made, royalty payments are...

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Information Governance Insights: Data Map Now to Ease GDPR Compliance

The new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) formally takes effect in May 2018. The move from the current Data Protection Directive to the GDPR brings with it a whole series of new requirements forcing prudent companies to conduct assessments to identify compliance gaps. Among...

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Ready for Ransomware: Companies may not be able to prevent malware attacks, but they can prepare for them

Ransomware is much in the headlines of late, with the widespread and high-profile Petya attack just months ago. Gretchen Ruck, a director at AlixPartners LLP in New York, explains why ransomware isn’t as straightforward as it sounds and how the best tactic for defense is to pull cybersecurity...

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