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Leveraging Technology to Support Internal Investigations in a Digital World

The need for skilled electronic investigation is more important now than ever.

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Corporate Governance

The Unanticipated Costs of BYOD Programs

  With many companies increasingly allowing – and in many cases encouraging – the use of personal devices for work-related matters, a recent CCBJ webinar called attention to the importance of implementing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. The iPhone debuted in 2007...

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Data Trends and BYOD Challenges

An interview with Tod Ewasko, Director of Product Management at AccessData. CCBJ: Explain your background and your role at AccessData. Tod Ewasko: Currently, I am the director of product management and development. I have spent the last 11 years of my career in the e-discovery industry, starting...

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Now That Your Data’s in the Cloud, How Do You Get It Out? Five best practices to do it right during litigation

Data migration has reached a tipping point. The vast majority of technology decision-makers (84 percent) say that their organization invested in cloud services in 2016, according to Insight’s 2017 Intelligent Technology Index report. It noted that “while only 15 percent have fully...

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For Internal Investigations, Technology is Playing Catch-up with Technology: Companies focus on hackers and data, and sometimes overlook inside threats

How does your product assist individuals and companies that need to do internal investigations or any investigations? Scott Lefton: AccessData is focused on delivering solutions that investigative teams need to find critical data and evidence for their case. Our solutions help quickly identify...

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Stop Worrying about the AI Revolution – It’s Here! Law Departments should focus on how it can help

The legal services industry is hurtling headlong into a revolution in the way that we carry out virtually every aspect of our jobs. The introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) – intelligence exhibited by machines that are trained to learn and solve problems – is not just an...

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Insurance Coverage & Recovery

Will 2017 Be the Year of the GC as Mega-Risk Officer?: As new threats loom, companies are more dependent than ever on the legal department’s risk oversight

Ninety-three percent of companies consider their general counsel a member of the executive management, up from 55 percent in 2010, according to Equilar’s General Counsel Pay Trends 2016. GCs have moved beyond solely advising on technical legal issues in large-scale organizations. GCs have...

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