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Lessons from Professor Ape

Jeff Brandt, Editor of PinHawk's Law Technology Digest Newsletter, discusses on the article by Jospeh Lalonde on the different Quotes and Leadership Lessons from Kingdom Of The Planet of the Apes and how we can take these lessons and use them in our own lives.

I haven't seen the new movie yet, but I did see several of the reboot prequels being advertized on TV. To me you can't get better than the icon performance of Charlton Heston. From the first time he shouts to the closing clip at the Statue of Liberty, nothing is better. (Although the Simpson's musical is classic in its own way). I like his comments on the bit from the opening to the movie, "Their hubris, exaggerated pride or self-confidence, may have brought them to the top of their organization. Once there, that hubris became a liability. They began to make unwise decisions. They thought they were untouchable. Then they fell." I also like the lesson from Koro, "You know what? There will always be much to learn as a leader. We should constantly grow our expertise." I think If I were to stop learning, I would die. For more lessons, be sure to read more at JOSEPH LALONDE: Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes

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