AccessData Rolls Out Integration of Digital Forensics Software Tools with Project VIC Database

Tuesday, March 6, 2018 - 13:33
AccessData Group, a leading provider of integrated digital forensics and e-discovery software, last year released new versions of its suite of digital forensics software tools that feature seamless integration with the Project VIC database.
If you aren’t using version 6.3 yet, you’re missing the new integration with Project VIC, which makes it easier for law enforcement professionals to investigate and prosecute child exploitation cases, as well as share forensic data.
Project VIC is a community of investigators, victim identification specialists, application developers, scientists and strategic partners. The Project VIC professionals collaborate to leverage the newest technologies and digital investigation methods to improve law enforcement success in rescuing victims of child sexual exploitation and trafficking.
By enabling seamless integration between AccessData’s software tools and the Project VIC database, these new releases help law enforcement professionals work smarter as they’re able to obtain better data from digital investigations.
The integration with Project VIC is one of many innovative new features in AD Lab and FTK that allow customers to take greater control of their digital investigations. Notably, users now have the option of purchasing access to nearly 200 additional mobile parsers within FTK and AD Lab through a technology partnership with Belkasoft® Evidence Center. These parsers allow users to analyze data from popular mobile apps— such as SayIt, WhatsApp® and Facebook®—to add more color and context to their investigations. Moreover, iSubmit® users now benefit from easier case management of digital evidence with a new AccessDataintegration.