Jones Day names 47 new partners

Tuesday, January 24, 2017 - 14:58

Jones Day has announced that 47 lawyers have been named to the Firm's partnership, effective January 1, 2017. The new partners are:
Liam Bonamy (Private Equity, London); Kelly Marino Bonovich (Business & Tort Litigation, Chicago); A. Patricia Campbell (Intellectual Property, Silicon Valley); Claire E. Castles (Health Care & Life Sciences, Los Angeles); Marta Delgado Echevarría (Antitrust & Competition Law, Madrid); Marjorie P. Duffy (Securities Litigation & SEC Enforcement, Columbus); John C. Evans (Intellectual Property, Cleveland); Craig S. Friedman (Labor & Employment, Atlanta); Louis P. Gabel (Business & Tort Litigation, Detroit); Michael A. Gleason (Antitrust & Competition Law, Washington); Philippe Goutay (Financial Institutions Litigation & Regulation, Paris); Jeremy J. Gray (Business & Tort Litigation, Chicago); Paul M. Green (Business Restructuring & Reorganization, Houston); Lindsay A. Hedrick (Labor & Employment, Dallas) Jay Johnson (Cybersecurity, Privacy & Data Protection, Dallas); Ross Keene (Mergers & Acquisitions, Shanghai); Maximilian P. Krause (Mergers & Acquisitions, Munich); William G. Laxton, Jr. (Business & Tort Litigation, Washington); Kristen A. Lejnieks (Business & Tort Litigation, Washington); Fernando Lillo (Projects & Infrastructure, Madrid); Kenneth S. Luchesi (Intellectual Property, Cleveland); John MacGarty (Private Equity, London); Peter J. Mazza (Business & Tort Litigation, San Diego); Daniel J. Merrett (Business Restructuring & Reorganization, Atlanta); Dan T. Moss (Business Restructuring & Reorganization, Washington); Polly O'Brien (Banking & Finance, London); Jessica L. Panza (Private Equity, Chicago); Stephen P. Parrinello (Tax, New York); Floris L. Pierik (Mergers & Acquisitions, Amsterdam); Geoffroy Pineau-Valencienne (Private Equity, Paris); Marcus Salvato Quintanilla (Global Disputes, San Francisco); Mark W. Rasmussen (Securities Litigation & SEC Enforcement, Dallas); Michael T. Riess (Banking & Finance, San Francisco); Heith D. Rodman (Financial Institutions Litigation & Regulation, Atlanta); Yaakov Roth (Issues & Appeals, Washington); Erin L. Shencopp (Antitrust & Competition Law, Chicago); Ben Shribman (Private Equity, London); Jane Borthwick Story (Government Regulation, Pittsburgh); Benjamin L. Stulberg (Mergers & Acquisitions, Cleveland); Christopher N. Thatch (Business & Tort Litigation, Washington); Sylvia T. Tonova (Global Disputes, London); Kelly H. Turner (Capital Markets, Houston); Beth D. Vogel (Banking & Finance, Chicago); Raymond H. Wang (Mergers & Acquisitions, Taipei); Ryan J. Watson (Issues & Appeals, Washington); Liat L. Yamini (Labor & Employment, Los Angeles); and Simon M. Yu (Global Disputes, Taipei).