Liquid Litigation Management Releases Email Threading Tool

Friday, January 11, 2013 - 16:13


Liquid Litigation Management, Inc.'s team of developers has announced  the release of its modernized email threading tool, the latest feature addition to e-discovery and case management system Liquid Lit Manager™. Providing a more advanced graphical approach to the grouping of email messages, LLM’s tool delivers a better user interface and greater functionality than other, similar products.

Lindsay Stevens, director of Software Development, says that the email threading feature was developed to answer a need for a tool that is visual in nature but had yet to be well represented graphically. “The e-discovery industry is behind the curve in the usability revolution, but at LLM we continue to be at the forefront of intuitive tools. We want to empower attorneys and their staff by giving them a powerful application that they can easily use. It was time email threading got a makeover, and that’s what we did,” Ms. Stevens says.

Ms. Stevens states that Liquid Lit Manager’s email threading distinguishes itself from other tools on the market by being more than just a grouping of messages. Its visual hierarchy is both intuitive and functional, allowing users to quickly and easily find and bulk tag threads and their attachments, and import entire threads to review sets in just one click. The feature also has a simple visual method that identifies the minimum number of documents you need to read in order to see the entire chain. This allows you to avoid reviewing the same or similar emails, greatly cutting down on review time.