CaseCentral: Blueprint For Cloud-Based eDiscovery

Monday, April 5, 2010 - 00:00

CaseCentral has announced the blueprint for cloud-based eDiscovery. The blueprint provides corporations and law firms with an evaluation framework for eDiscovery security, privacy, control, risk and cost practices when considering cloud-based eDiscovery.

CaseCentral's blueprint is a response to the growing demand for cloud-based solutions for eDiscovery. In 2009, more than 84% of Am Law 200 firms and 76% of U.S. companies used at least one cloud-delivered application to lower capital expenditures and reduce dedicated headcount for support, while drastically reducing application deployment time.

Key issues addressed in the blueprint include:

• How to use the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) to define cloud-based eDiscovery initiatives;

• Bringing eDiscovery in-house: eDiscovery cloud versus on-premise software;

• Cloud types: why public clouds are wrong for eDiscovery.

CaseCentral also provides guidance to the necessary questions corporations and law firms must ask before choosing a cloud-based eDiscovery provider, including:

• What Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity capabilities and SLAs does a provider offer?

• What type of security, compliance and risk management policies and agreements are in place to protect your information?

• Does the provider offer multi-party, multi-matter and business intelligence support?

Please visit: cloudblueprint for the blueprint.