Court Denies Bid To Enjoin Kramer Levin Client; 32 Attorneys Named In Best Lawyers

Wednesday, September 9, 2009 - 00:00

In a significant victory for our client Neutrogena Corp., United States District Judge Susan Robinson (D. Del.) today denied Schering-Plough's motion to enjoin Neutrogena from advertising that its new sunscreen line, Neutrogena Ultimate Sport, provides the "best line of sport sun protection," has the "best average UVA/UVB protection versus leading sport lines," and provides better sunscreen protection than Schering-Plough's Coppertone Sport line.

The Neutrogena/Kramer Levin team included Harold P. Weinberger, Jonathan M. Wagner and Tobias B. Jacoby.

In the August 6 issue of Lawdragon, Litigation Department Head and firm co-chair Gary P. Naftalis was featured in "Lawyer Limelight." According to the article, "the nationally renowned white-collar litigator is a big fan of opening statements, maintaining credibility and Bob Dylan."

In describing Gary's accomplishments, the article concluded that "Naftalis' long list of victories suggests he is one of the toughest and most effective white-collar litigators of the past quarter century."

Best Lawyers in America 2010 ranked Kramer Levin #1 in New York for both its real estate and land use practices. Thirty-two of the firm's lawyers were listed in Best Lawyers in America for 2010.

Jay G. Baris - Banking Law, Mutual Funds Law; Barry H. Berke - Commercial Litigation, Criminal Defense: White-Collar; Kenneth Chin -Banking Law; Nicholas L. Coch - Intellectual Property Law; Thomas E. Constance - Corporate Law; Michael J. Dell - Appellate Law; Matthew S. Dunn - Immigration Law; Kenneth H. Eckstein - Bankruptcy and Creditor-Debtor Rights Law; Marshall H. Fishman - Commercial Litigation; Carl Frischling - Corporate Law, Mutual Funds Law; Robert M. Heller - Antitrust Law; Maria T. Jones - Tax Law; Mark D. Koestler - Immigration Law; Michael Paul Korotkin - Real Estate Law; Kevin B. LeBlang - Labor and Employment Law; Ezra G. Levin - Corporate Law; Samuel H. Lindenbaum - Land Use & Zoning Law, Real Estate Law; Randy Lipsitz - Intellectual Property Law; Thomas Moers Mayer - Bankruptcy and Creditor-Debtor Rights Law; Gary P. Naftalis - Bet-the-Company Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Criminal Defense: White-Collar; Michael J. Nassau - Employee Benefits Law; Jay A. Neveloff - Real Estate Law; John C. Novogrod - Trusts and Estates; Paul M. Ritter - Employee Benefits Law; Theodore Ruthizer - Immigration Law; Naomi Schorr - Immigration Law; Paul D. Selver - Land Use & Zoning Law, Real Estate Law; Michael T. Sillerman - Land Use & Zoning Law, Real Estate Law; Gary R. Tarnoff - Land Use & Zoning Law, Real Estate Law; Neil R. Tucker - Real Estate Law; Charles S. Warren - Environmental Law; Harold P. Weinberger - Advertising Law, Commercial Litigation.