ABA Announces Coordination Of International Efforts

Tuesday, May 31, 2011 - 00:00

Recognizing the increasing globalization of the practice of law, American Bar Association President Stephen N. Zack announced that the ABA's international efforts will be coordinated under a unified structure, to be overseen by the senior director of Washington, DC operations, Jim Swanson.

The association's international work is primarily undertaken by members of its Rule of Law Initiative, Center for Human Rights and Section of International Law.

The ABA works with lawyers, judges and others on a variety of international projects around the world, focusing on issues important to the legal profession and business interests, as well as to the human rights community.

Among its efforts, the ABA provides assistance to ensure the stability of legal systems abroad; advances respect for legal concepts like attorney-client privilege and respect for the law and justice system; and assists in the development of legal codes. Integral to these efforts is concern for human rights and freedom.