CSC, FTF Technologies Release New Document Management System

Friday, June 1, 2007 - 00:00

Corporation Service Company (CSC ) and FTF Technologies Inc. (FTF) jointly announced today the release of the First to File EFR document management system integrating patent management workflows.

The new First to File EFR system contains new features to assist corporate patent lawyers with their document management needs. These include document staging capabilities and WebDAV access, as well as instant case and document searching capabilities using its InstantOCR technology. The system also integrates the new FTF ServerSecure Technology (SST) for additional security as opposed to traditional hosted solutions. In addition, the First to File EFR application integrates with the USPTO PAIR system, providing critical data updates to patent case files, and streamlines electronic filing with the USPTO via its proprietary eFiling package and auto-population of critical forms. The First to File EFR management system provides an innovative reference library and repository that is fully integrated with its workflows and allows users to search, cite, manage and use their reference documents, especially critical in the filing area.